What is .bak file in mysql?

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What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

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We are migrating Ms-Sql to MySql So i am trying to Restore form .bak file in mysql its not happening .Can any one please help me out

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Posted 5-May-15 1:43am

Member 11270910

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hypermellow 5-May-15 7:48am    

Are you trying to restore a MSSQL .bak file directly into MySql?

Member 11564708 5-May-15 13:30pm    

Yes,i need to get Sql database into my new MySql database.

ZurdoDev 5-May-15 8:02am    

I don't know MySql but I seriously doubt it supports Microsoft Sql files.

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What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

What is .bak file in mysql?

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Solution 1

You can't restore a MSSQL .bak file to MySql.

You have to migrate the data :



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Posted 5-May-15 2:10am

Mehdi Gholam


Member 11564708 8-May-15 3:24am    

Thank you soo much for your accurate response.I have done my restoring but some tables not restoring which are having indexes . do you any idea .

Mehdi Gholam 8-May-15 4:43am    

Indexes should not have any effect on the data migration, your problem is somewhere else, check the log from migration process for errors

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What is .bak file in mysql?
What is .bak file in mysql?

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What is .BAK file used for?

bak" is a filename extension commonly used to signify a backup copy of a file. When a program is about to overwrite an existing file (for example, when the user saves the document they are working on), the program may first make a copy of the existing file, with . bak appended to the filename. This common .

Can I delete SQL BAK files?

Yes, you can manually delete old backup files without affecting the restore database. But in the long term, I would suggest you create and schedule a maintenance plan in SQL Server Management Studio.

What is a BAK file and how do I open it?

These backup files have names ending with the ". bak" file extension, and you use them to restore database backups through Microsoft SQL Server. by navigating to the backup utility and loading the BAK file as a restoration medium, you can open the file and restore the database.

How do I restore a MySQL database from a BAK file?

Windows Server.
Open a command prompt..
Go to the MySQL bin folder, cd "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin" or. "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\bin".
Restore the database. Execute: mysql -u whd -p whd < C:\whdbackup.sql..
Enter the whd database user password if prompted for a database password..