How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?

Zoom is the world’s leading conferencing platform, with over 300 million people using the software. Zoom has become the de facto standard for online meetings. It is designed for hosting online meetings and webinars.  In this blog post, you’ll learn how to connect Zoom to Facebook Live.

Before anything else, remember that you need a paid Zoom subscription to broadcast live to Facebook.

Zoom Meeting to Facebook: How to Get Started

Within the settings on your account is the option Allow live streaming of meetings located against the heading In Meeting (Advanced).

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?
You are now ready to stream your Zoom meeting to Facebook.

Because you can start the meeting before going live, it is good practice to ask permission of your meeting guests and notify them when you plan to start the broadcast.

Scheduling your Meeting.

Zoom has a very comprehensive meeting creation routine. You need a title for the meeting, a description, and a date and time.

Options within the creation process give you tight control over who can take part, how they register, and the security level.

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?

You can automatically record the meeting and decide whether participants join by phone/computer or allow both.

You send out invitations to register for the meeting. Those who do register will receive reminders before the meeting. You could publicly post the invitation link on social media.

Start a Meeting

You can see a list of upcoming meetings on your Zoom page. To start a meeting, press the blue start button.

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?
This procedure will start a private scheduled meeting and one which will go live on Facebook.
You can go live on Facebook when you, as the host, have started the meeting.

The host and all participants download the Zoom meeting software to their desktops or use mobile applications.

Your Zoom meeting is live. When you start, your meeting participants can join you on camera.

Below is your Zoom Studio before going live on Facebook.

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?

At this stage, we are not live on Facebook. We have to connect to Facebook and use Facebook’s Creator Studio to enter the details and start the live broadcast on Facebook.

To link your Zoom meeting to Facebook, follow the steps below:

  1. How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?
    Click the more button on the right-hand side of the Studio. We can now see Zoom’s public broadcasting options. Select Live on Facebook.
  2. We can then select our destination. A pop-up will appear once you click on Live on Facebook.
  3. Choose where specifically you want to go live on Facebook: your own timeline, a group, or a page.
  4. After selecting the destination, we visit Facebook Creator Studio to add more details. We are instructed to add a title and optionally a description.

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?
Finally, press the Go Live button bottom left; your meeting is now live on Facebook.

With the setup complete, you can now conduct the Zoom meeting in the usual way.

Your audience is now composed of the guests in your Zoom meeting and the viewers on Facebook. Viewers on Facebook can make comments; you have at least two options to handle the comments,

Keep the Facebook tab with the live broadcast open and from time to time, read the comments.
Doing this gives rise to two problems; there is additional internet and computer resource requirement. The second is that you, as host, will be distracted; your attention will not be in the meeting room.

Or you could tell Facebook viewers that you will respond to their comments after the broadcast.

All the action within a Zoom meeting takes place in the meeting room.

5. Upon completing your live Zoom meeting, press the red end button bottom right of your Zoom studio. Pressing the button will stop both the Zoom Meeting and the Facebook broadcast; if you recorded the broadcast, it would process and then save to your local hard drive.

Alternative Ways to Broadcast to Facebook

Zoom is designed as an online meeting platform and can broadcast to Facebook.

The introduction of Facebook Live five years ago changed the way we think about live broadcasting. Broadcasting software houses have created systems that integrate with Facebook Live.

The integration means that there is real-time interaction between the studios we use for broadcasting and Facebook. In our studios, we can see the screen which is transmitted to Facebook.

We can see the comments made on Facebook and feature them in the broadcast. Then, we can reply to them from within the studio, and they become talking points.

How do I zoom in on Facebook streaming?
We can feature images on the screen, play videos during the broadcast, brand our studios with frames and lower thirds. Another feature is that we can broadcast solo to promote our business or cause and conduct interviews or hold group chat sessions with up to 10 people on screen.

Going live on Facebook is more accessible; we schedule the broadcast in our studio and go live at the scheduled time.  Pressing one button will take us live on several destinations. There is no need to visit Facebook. Everything we need is in the broadcast Studio.

Going Live with BeLive

There are two steps to going live on BeLive. Schedule the broadcast and press the Start button.

On BeLive, enter the scheduled date and time, add a cover image, the broadcast title, and description, then select your destinations.

When you press the start button, you will go live to your selected destinations.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to go live on Facebook through BeLive.


When to use Zoom or BeLive

Zoom is ideal for large meetings, and it has all the features to encourage interaction between participants. Zoom can handle ten, one hundred, or one thousand participants. With Zoom, the primary audience is in the Zoom room.

BeLive is designed for Facebook; it integrates completely. BeLive gives the ability to engage with viewers on Facebook. We also wrote a blog post that can help you decide when to use Zoom or BeLive. Each has a specific purpose depending on what you need for your business.

Sign up with BeLive now and start streaming on Facebook.

Steven is part of BeLive’s marketing team as a content writer. He lives in Wiltshire England close to Stonehenge, He broadcasts 6 times a week on BeLive and is an admin of the Belivers group on Facebook.  He enjoys being out in the countryside and marathon walking.

Why can't I zoom in on Facebook?

To zoom in and out of Facebook for Android, use the magnify feature. Go to your phone's visual accessibility settings. Tap Magnification Gestures. Tap to turn on magnification gestures.

How do I change the zoom on Facebook?

Magnifier (hide/show): With one finger, tap the screen three times. Pinch your fingers together or spread them apart to zoom in or out. Pinch, hold, and drag the magnifier around the screen to move it around.

How do you zoom in to stream an event?

To start livestreaming your meeting or webinar session to the event lobby:.
Sign in to Zoom Events..
Join the meeting session you are a host of before its scheduled start time. ... .
Click Start when you want to start livestreaming your session to the event lobby..